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      1. About Us

        CHANNEL BEYOND Information Co., LtdFocus on customer experience service outsourcing total solution providerCHANNEL BEYOND Information Co., Ltd Founded in 1997, it is one of the earliest and largest customer service center outsourcers in China. Chengbo has 25+ operation bases and R & D centers in China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America and other regions, and provides content audit Online services, voice services, marketing services, intelligent customer service, personnel services, RPO, management consulting, training and other high-quality outsourcing services.

        • Operation base and R & D Center

        • Talent supply

        • Honorary qualification

        • Brand customers

        Main business

        Provide you with all-round and customized outsourcing services

        Why choose us

        01Strong recruitment delivery capability

        02Mature personnel management mechanism

        03Perfect training system

        04Efficient operation management system

        05Complete quality inspection management system

        06A management team with rich experience in international management and localized services

        Industry Cases


        Brand customers

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